Unfolding infinite potential in children since 1980


Unfolding infinite potential with compassion, care
love, discipline and guidance

Career Guidance
Dignified Conduct Pedagogy
Excellence in Opportunities

Unfolding infinite potential with compassion, care
love, discipline and guidance

Our Core Values

Educational Excellence

Striving for academic distinction and providing a high-quality innovative and challenging circulum. a high-quality innovative and.

Character Development

Nuturing values such as integrity ,honesty , empathy and respect to instil a strong sense of morality and responsiblity in students.

Inclusive community

fastering an inclusive and diverse environment that respects and celebrates diffrences.ensuring every student feels valued and accepted.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

S.Sabharwal | Principal

Holistic Development

Supporting the overall growth of students by emphasising not only academic success but also physical emotional and social well-being.

Parental Partnership

Collaborating closely with parents to ensure open communication involvement in their child's education and a shared commitement to the Student's success.

Innovation and Technology

Embaracing modern teaching methods and technology to enhance the learning experience and prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Sportsmanship Excellence

Cultivating culture of fair ,respect and teamwork in sports ,emphasising that success is not only measured by victories but also by the display of good sportsmanship,integrity

Munication Proficiency


Emphasising effective Communication skills including verbal,written ,interpersonal communication,to prepare students for success in a globalised world.

Resilience and Grit

Fostering resilience preservernace and grit in students to help them navigate challenges, setbacks and uncertainties with determiniation and strength.